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Aquatic Unwinding

The Full Story

In April 2021 I experienced an intense pain episode due to a nerve impingement in my arm. None of my old tools or techniques could offer me any relief. It was days turning into weeks of stabbing, burning pain that made it impossible to work, focus, sleep, and even walk at times. The impingement was causing me to wake up with terrible migraines, and all I could do was shut myself into a black-out room and breathe through tears. I was in a foreign country and the thought of going to a hospital seemed to set me over the edge with dread and stress as I was in a foreign country without medical insurance. Besides I knew all they would do was medicate me with pharmaceuticals that could cause more problems for me down the road like it had in the past. I tuned in with my body and got a clear message to be by the Carribean Sea where I knew the warm water could at least temporarily offer pain relief. I received that and so much more from listening to this calling and this is where Aquatic Unwinding was born!

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