I see health as an individual equation, so I prefer to focus my work on a personal level to discover your unique balance and unlock full potential ~ Angelina

Sessions, Programs, & Retreats


Web Sessions: Personalized therapy with detailed instruction, reliability, and convenience for *$1 per minute.

Services include Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Foot Fitness, Yamuna Face Therapy, Aerial Yoga and Therapy, Aromatherapy, Energy Balancing, Meditation, Mobility and Flexibility, Dancing Basic and Therapy, and Detoxifying Body, Home, and Lifestyle. 


Personalized Programs: Weekly and Monthly digital photo and video programs created with your individual needs and goals in mind to help you reach them through simplification and a realistic timeline.


Pricing is personalized, estimated weekly $50 and monthly $100




Decluttering and Organizing: Move towards clarity by transforming your space. I make your space work for you and have a gentle approach with the utmost respect for your needs.


Pricing is personalized, estimated at $60 per hour or $250 per room.


Retreats: Personal Retreats designed just for you in mind. Restoration and positive  development through daily wilderness time, therapy, healthy eating, and honing in on you! Availble Springtime in the lusicous forests of Costa Rica and Summertime in the magestic Rocky Mountains.


Pricing is personalized, avaiable for 2-7 day retreats, estimated $500 daily.

Trainings: Online Yamuna Body Rolling Teacher Training

Connecting and practining with other's who are health-oriented is not only helpful, but can be life-changing  ~Angelina

Classes, Workshops, & Trainings 


SUNDAY ROLL: Weekly Web Yamuna Class 9-10am MST/7-8am PST/12-1pm EST. Focus in detail on specific parts of the body to relieve tension and gain understanding and better function. 


*$15 per class or *$50 per month & save $10


All US YBR Trainings are *$2,200.