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Yamuna Body Rolling is a revolutionary technique that follows the logic of the neuromusclar system to bring your body to its' best condition.
Using specially designed massage therapy balls, you will learn how to stretch, lengthen, activate, and align muscles to free up space in the body. Then you are able to realign your skeletal structure, resulting in long lasting restoration from pain or past injury. 
Free your body from all physical pain and limitations and feel how light and strong you can be. 
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why Yamuna body roll 



1. Melt away body aches and pains


2. Give yourself a deep tissue massage


3. Heal faster from injuries and prevent new ones


4. Increase flexibility, circulation, and breathing


5. Self-adjust spinal alignment


6. Create greater bone density/bone strength 


7. Stimulate cardio-vascular and lymphatic circulation


8. Prevent losing mobility and range of motion as you age


9. Gain intimate knowledge and control of your body and its healing process 


10. Free the body from traumatic blocks of the past

creator & visionary
A master teacher and healer who has completely dedicated her life to understanding how the body works and helping others to create positive change in their bodies through what she has learned. Yamuna created body rolling so she could work on herself after long days of aligning bodies. The results were so effective it became a new method of self-healing & body sustainability. 

She lives her vision that a fully aligned body with all of its capacity for movement free and available is the most beautiful body possible. She is committed to sharing with others what it takes to know and love their bodies, and be better in them.

Angelina Prendergast

Certified Practitioner and Teacher Trainer


I discovered the amazing Yamuna ball while I was training in NYC at Gelsey Kirkland's Ballet Intensive in 2010. During the 2nd week of the program, I lost mobility in my left ankle. It felt like a sprain, but I hadn't done anything to injure it, and there was no swelling just pain when I moved it. I couldn't dance for 2 days and I thought I would have to leave the program. I saw the Physical Therapist, and she said my I.T. band was so tight it was pulling all the way down my leg and causing my ankle to be immobilized. "You need to get one of those Yamuna balls." I went to Yamuna's studio that afternoon, took a class, bought a ball, and rolled out my I.T. band 5x that night. It was very painful, but each time I rolled I could feel something happening at a deeper level than I had ever felt in my body. The next morning my ankle was fully mobile and my hips felt better than ever! I took the first certification course that was available, and ever since then Yamuna Body Rolling has been the most wonderful part of my life.

My dedication and practice of this work has transformed my body from being constantly tight and in pain to feeling loose, open, and free on a regular basis. Of course there are times when I get tight and have pain, but it doesn't last, and I have learned how to prevent getting sore by body rolling after I train. I get most excited about this work from a flexibility standpoint, as it continues to help me reach my flexibility goals in less time and with less pain.

I believe in this work more and more as I continue to see positive transformation in myself and my students/clients. My mission is to share it with all people as a tool to activate one's own powerful healing abilites. There are no more excuses for living in pain. You're just a ball away from your own liberation. 

How Can Yamuna Help You?

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Archer's Improvement in 1.5 months
Archer's Improvement in 1.5 months

using YBR routines for sitbones, hamstrings, calves, and spine

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60 Day Split Challenge Right Side
60 Day Split Challenge Right Side

Rotating between routines for the sitbones, pelvis, quads, hamstrings, calves, & shins

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Archer's Improvement in 1.5 months
Archer's Improvement in 1.5 months

Using routines for front of the pelvis & abductor

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Archer's Improvement in 1.5 months
Archer's Improvement in 1.5 months

using YBR routines for sitbones, hamstrings, calves, and spine

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Yamuna Body Rolling combines self-massage and physical exercise.

It increases circulation creating heat in your muscles, which makes it the perfect warm-up for all physical activities especially stretching. 


As it loosens up all your joints, you will feel your body is warm, open, and light; free from blockages & ready to move to the fullest extent safely. 


If you want to be more flexible with less pain this is the thing for you. It has helped myself and others TREMENDOUSLY.


Achieve your stretching goals & maintain your flexibility. More possible than ever!


fitnesses best friend


A new term in fitness. A founding concept for Yamuna. Body Sustainability is what the work is all about.


Prevention of injuries by practicing body therapy regularly not just when you are in pain or have an injury. 


In today's world there is lots of exercise going on and lots of breakdown happening. 


When the balance of contracting and extending is off, you get injured or have pain.


Then you cannot train. 


Working your muscles and tightening them is essential, but releasing and relaxing them is the key to maintaining your fitness.


Train hard. Relax hard.

  + Direct Bone Stimulaton +

Body Weight Bearing Exercise

+ Self-Massage + 

Self-Adjust Skeletal Alignment 

When you relax your body weight into the Yamuna ball the muscles soften, molding around the ball, and as this unwinding happens, the ball is able to sink to the bone causing direct bone stimulation


The balls are made of just the right material; firm enough to relieve pressure in your muscles and soft enough to put pressure on your bones without discomfort.


This ​body weight bearing exercise improves the quality of bone and rids the bone of excessive impact.

Body weight bearing exercise is essential for maintaining strong, subtle bones as you age.

 Explore the pure bliss of Self-Massage ! 

YBR will teach you how to align the skeletal structure while receving all the benefits of a good massage.


Focus on alignment of the bones first, and then with the use of mild traction elongate and unwind the muscles and fascia. This technique gives long-lasting results. 

        Benefits of Self-Massage

Easier to relax, especially in sensitive areas, since you are the one applying pressure

+ Discover your body intimately --> how to unwind your lines of tension 

More affordable

No time restraints --> spend as long as you need working a certain area out 




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