Save Your Feet 

Reflexology points in the soles of the feet affect the entire body, so when you take care of your feet you are also taking care of the rest of the body. 
Yamuna has created a short, efficient Foot Fitness routine to keep your feet moving pain-free throughout your life. In 5 minutes you can stretch, massage, and strengthen your feet. 
Foot and Ankle Problems that lead to surgery can be avoidable if you start taking proper care of your feet.
By changing the weight bearing pattern while standing and walking you begin to reshape each foot to create the best alignment for a sturdy foundation.
If your feet are out of alignment the rest of the body is out of alignment, and where there is not balance there is usually weakness and pain. 

The focus is on alignment of the skeletal structure, which results in flexible and strong muscles.


Acupressure Benefits >> Relax Your Soles

                        FOOT SAVERS

            for Advanced + Detailed Work

remove scar tissue >> gain flexibility + strength

Especially for runners and dancers and all high impact athletes. Take the impact out of your bones, lengthening the muscles to relieve tightness.

               No need for pain in your feet!

You can fix common foot problems like...




Your feet should not get in your way when they can take you where you want to go.


Wear whatever shoes your like by adding YFF to your life!